Saturday, July 18, 2009

Test Drive

Okay, so, I normally work 2nd and 3rd shifts so that I can be home with Lucas during the day. It doesn't leave much time for sleep, but all that will change when he starts school. I'll be able to sleep the day away while he's in school getting smarter than me.

This past Wednesday, however, I started taking classes during the day to become an LNA. I've worked at the hospital for 14 (gulp) years, (I did start there when I was just 12, how kind of you to notice!) but now that the hospital has gone to electronic medical records, well...there's just not enough for me to do. And then the hospital was generous enough to pay for the course, and pay me to go, so I'm going. But I'm a nervous wreck about it, because let's face it, I'm no spring chicken and I haven't taken a test in 15 years. Gah.

AND OF COURSE the first time I work a day shift in over 6 years I total my car on the way home. It wasn't my fault, but still. If I miss a single day of the LNA course I can't finish it. Stressful. And then it was Wednesday night, my car is totaled, I have class in the morning and no way to get there, and life was miserable.

But as with all other things in life, trouble has a way of working itself out. A speedy rental, a thoughtful insurance rep and generous aunt have all come together to produce a fairly stellar end result. We went car shopping today a bought the newest car I have ever owned. With more bells and whistles than any car I have ever driven. And in the end it will cost me less every month to own. So all's well that ends well, I suppose, and when we pick up our new (to us) car on Monday, we'll post a few pics!


Anonymous said...

You've got the most CAN DO spirit of anyone I know! Many thoughts came your way today and I've checked for info quite frequently - so grateful to find such good news just now!

Melissa said...

Amazing. You are so right, bad things always bring good things...Congrats on the course, by the way. You'll do fantastic!