Sunday, August 23, 2009

Facebook Has Taken Over

I forget to post here anymore since Facebook has taken over my life. Seriously...Facebook is addicting. Totally friend me people, I LOVE it!!
Anyway, Lucas didn't get to go on his big date yet. It's been scheduled and rescheduled a couple of times, but those are the breaks I guess, when you ask a doctor out. Their schedules are unpredictable at best. He was bummed the first time, but after that he seems to be moving on quite nicely. He doesn't want to get tied down anyway, he starts kindergarten next week and he'll have a whole new pond to fish in! Heh. I met his teacher yesterday for a Parent/Teacher conference, sans kiddo, to talk about how he learns and his favorite things and how he handles different situations. I am SO GLAD he got her...they will be a perfect match. When I casually mentioned that he leans toward the dramatic in most situations I thou gt she might cringe a little, but no, she happily exclaimed that she does the same thing. Match made in heaven.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Boy in Love

Her name is Prema. She has stolen my son's heart. They have a "date" on Wednesday to go to Moe's and the movies. He wonders if she'll try to kiss him at the end of the night. I am dying a little over his immediate devotion to her.We took a road trip up a very high mountain today to help celebrate a friend's wedding to her long-time boyfriend. A very low key and laid back affair with coworkers, friends and family, there was live music and happy conversation and good food. Lucas struck up a chat with this lovely doctor (I know! A doctor! My boy is no dummy!). By the end they had plans to see a movie and dinner at Moe's. I had to ask if I could come along. He spent the entire car ride home listing all the ways she was perfect for him, how excited he was at having a first date, and nervous that I might spill his secret before he was ready to let it out: that he loves her. My heart about broke in two. He's not allowed to love any one else like that yet. Only me.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Picture One Tired Mama Doin' the Happy Dance Here

Yay! It's (kinda/almost) over! I sort of kicked butt on my test yesterday and ended my course with a 94. Not too bad for a gal that hadn't cracked a textbook in well over a decade. Drove myself and three classmates down to the capital after our little graduation ceremony (and there was cake!! And diet Coke!!) to get our newly minted licenses in hand, had an awesome lunch at a little cafe (there was poutine!! Oh my gravy, that was delicious.), and made it back to town by early afternoon. I got to work on my own unit today, but as an LNA, so that was awesome. This whole experience was a fun little side street off from my normally very straight road. All that's left is the state exam and practical test, sometime in early September. By that time I should have my little green booklet of skills tests memorized. But I'm basically YAY!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost Over

Tomorrow is a Big Day. But first let me say that my kitchen smells like maple bacon and MAN is it distracting. Breakfast: It's what's for dinner.

Anyway, this whole LNA thing is almost finished. I have a test tomorrow for a temporary license which should be easy peasy, you know, just 100 questions spread out over 50 chapters from a text book I got to memorize in 4 short weeks. And then a Much Bigger Test with the state later in the month for the chance to keep it. But I least I won't have to work on the general medicine floor anymore, where life is sustained at a balmy 87 degrees, made infinitely hotter by Personal Protective Equipment and isolation gowns. The surface of the sun is cooler than the floor my clinicals were carried out on. Back to life in the ICU where we like it icy cold; Where fleece vests are commonplace even through the summer months.

Which me luck for tomorrow people...I'm probably gonna need it.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Very Old Dog, One Very New Trick

These last couple of weeks have been every shade of crazy. I'm taking an accelerated LNA course at the hospital, but of course it's something that's only offered in the daylight hours, and so I've had to flip my sleep schedule and the first few days were brutal. I'm just going to put it out there: Being awake and alert and on the job for medical type work by 7am is CRAZY. And I'm sure the employees on days say the exact same thing about us crazy night shifters, but oh my goodness, 5:30am alarm clocks are the work of the devil.

On the one hand, my insomnia troubles as of late have been completely cured, as I am so exhausted by being awake so early that I am ready to crash by 8pm. I haven't slept this much in years. On the other hand, my favorite spot on the couch really really misses me, and the permanent indent of my body has started to disappear off the cushions. They have started to fluff back up now that I spend all of time working or (gasp!) sleeping in my bed like a normal person.

It's hard work, but rewarding work, and everybody needs to cross their fingers that I pass that big test at the end. It is a seriously ginormous textbook to have memorized in 4 weeks.