Friday, August 14, 2009

Picture One Tired Mama Doin' the Happy Dance Here

Yay! It's (kinda/almost) over! I sort of kicked butt on my test yesterday and ended my course with a 94. Not too bad for a gal that hadn't cracked a textbook in well over a decade. Drove myself and three classmates down to the capital after our little graduation ceremony (and there was cake!! And diet Coke!!) to get our newly minted licenses in hand, had an awesome lunch at a little cafe (there was poutine!! Oh my gravy, that was delicious.), and made it back to town by early afternoon. I got to work on my own unit today, but as an LNA, so that was awesome. This whole experience was a fun little side street off from my normally very straight road. All that's left is the state exam and practical test, sometime in early September. By that time I should have my little green booklet of skills tests memorized. But I'm basically YAY!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations PLUS! So very proud of you for your foresight, determination, and expertise.

Melissa said...

Congrats! That is awesome!! Give yourself a high five for me.

ps - love your new banner! LOVE that font!

Anna said...

AM: Thank you. I did work hard for it. And I'm glad that most of it's over. :)

Melissa: Thanks! Re: the banner, I can't figure out why the right side of the border is all wonky and it's bugging the heck out of me...but I do love the font's from Free photo editing...super fun! :)