Sunday, March 29, 2009

Should Have Been a Lesson Learned

Lucas and I went to see Monsters vs. Aliens on Friday. 3D movies have come a long way since the last time I saw one with the paper glasses, one eye red and the other blue. We were handed black plastic sunglasses, very Drew Carey-like, and headed on into the theater. Lucas was excited for about half a minute and then freaked a bit as 3D hamburgers went flying by his head. He yanked the glasses off and loudly announced to a full theater that he wasn't staying. I told him I paid $16 to see a matinee and he needed to put those glasses back on his face and give the movie a chance. And he did. Which is amazing, 'cause he can be a very stubborn and vocal kid when the mood strikes. It was such a fun movie, and it was so darn cute to see his little hand come up to swat things away in air in front of him. Except, he decided that he just loves those 3D glasses and he doesn't want to take them off. He put them back on as soon as he woke up yesterday, and wore them non-stop, even though I kept telling him he needed to take them off. We pulled in to Costco and he tells me, "I don't feel right., I 'fink I might be sick." Yeah, no kidding, you've been wearing those funky glasses all morning. He hops out of the car and barfs all over the parking lot. "Hmm" he says, "tastes like lemonade. I feel better now." But he still doesn't take the glasses off. Dude...boys are gross.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Check Up

I took my great-big-old-as-the-hills five year old to his five year checkup. He about broke my heart with sweetness and cuteness sitting cross-legged in the exam room getting his hearing test. Watching his little smile and his concentration while he heard sounds known only to dog's ears and raising his hand to let the nurse know...well, it just about killed me. I actually had to excuse myself for just a little second because I was about to erupt in a fit of giggles from the SHEER CUTENESS OF IT ALL, and I didn't want to interrupt or screw up the test, so instead I stood just outside the door with my hand over my mouth, trying to pull it together. Seriously, his hearing is GOOD. And he is CUTE. In addition to perfect hearing, he vision is spot on, he took all four vaccinations like a pro, and he's most proud of brushing his teeth with toothpaste and jumping high. Or at least that's all he could think of when Dr. Brad asked him. (We are both madly in love with Dr. Brad by the way: Me because he HEALS THE CHILDREN and he always tells me that I'm doing a really good job, and Lucas because Dr. Brad knows about Star Wars and likes to give out hugs, stickers and high fives. Both of us have equally good reasons, if you ask me.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fumes!

I spent the whole day painting my downstairs with the help of my totally awesome mother. The downstairs looks clean and fresh and dirty fingerprint-free, but the fumes from the paint are starting to make me woozy. Very very woozy.
My son is wailing that his legs hurt. Two doses of ibuprofen later he says they're no better. What is that? Growing pains? I remember my little brother going through that when he was a little boy. My "little" brother is now 6ft tall. And speaking of Ben! He was nice today! To Lucas! And according to Lucas, that made today his "best day ever"!! It's nice to catch a glimpse of the little brother I know and love peeking through the hard, angry shell of the 16yr old he is now. Very nice indeed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We'll Just Have to Wait and See

So, after spending an impressive amount of cash on the entire Aveeno baby lotions and potions line, we headed over to Whole Paycheck Foods to find a couple of all natural solutions to the dreaded psoriasis. Honestly, the thing that seems to be working the best on him is Cortizone cream. Which I can get at the drug store on the corner. Live and learn.

His reward for behaving at the store while I read a million labels was a trip to the car wash. If he's really good again today maybe I'll let him scrub the floors later! Kidding. He loves to sit in the front seat while we go through the automated car wash in town. It's super exciting for him. He sits up on his knees, sniffing the air with anticipation, waiting for the smell of the raspberry scented soap to reach his nose. Why, yes, it is a thrill a minute over here, why do you ask? Psoriasis talk and the car wash...aren't you glad you checked in here today? *wink*

Monday, March 9, 2009

The P Word

My son and I just returned from his pediatrician's office. He's had this crazy skin thing brewing on his belly for a while now, and we sort of just ignored it until Friday night, when we realized it was spreading. One crazy skin spot I can handle; I draw the line at a dozen, however.

Turns out he has psoriasis, which I will admit, sounded rather benign as his pediatrician (whom I LOVE) waved away any worries that it might be something of the icky variety, or something contagious. So, YAY! for it not being icky or can be a powerful thing for a curious mama and her newly diagnosed kiddo. Luke's version will apparently crop up any time his body is fighting off a virus unsuccessfully. I'm thinking kindergarten will be a petri dish of germs that will end up doing a number on his skin. Major bummer.

For now, his doctor says it should clear up in a couple of weeks...or a couple of months...there's really no telling. That's what a copay gets you these days: A diagnosis of "it could be this or it could be that". Worth every penny.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Next Thing You Know He'll Be Dating

My crazy big kid has been stunning me this week with zany sayings and big words and fancy kisses. Me thinks we have to have a talk about the appropriateness of such fancy kisses, but that's a post for another day.

He spent the week before his fifth birthday telling everyone we passed that he was five. I had a little talk with him, explaining that while he would be five very, very soon, he shouldn't tell people something that wasn't true yet. His response was that he was just really excited, he "liked the way it sounded and he was testing it out." And who can argue with that, really?

Just today he told me that he was parched and needed a beverage; that I was being unreasonable; that his new sneakers were sick; that his video game was sweeeeet.

He bargains with me do things for him with the only tools he has. "I need you to build me something with Legos. I'll give you one smooch and two snuggles. What do you say?" Sometimes I hold out, because maybe there's an even better bargain to be had. "Alright" he says, "I'll rub your feet and let you hold the remote." See, now that's more like it. We shake on it to seal the deal.

When he's making these deals with me my mind jumps forward 10 years and he's bigger than I am and we're striking a very similar deal about car keys, staying out late and money. I wonder if smooches will still be on the table. I would like time to stop right now. Please.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


My sweet boy. You turned five years old today. You mean the world to me, which you already know, because I am annoying in how often I tell you how much I love you. You're the sweetest, kindest, most loving little person I could have ever been blessed with. The world paired us up perfectly, me and you. Happy birthday, Lucas.