Friday, March 13, 2009

We'll Just Have to Wait and See

So, after spending an impressive amount of cash on the entire Aveeno baby lotions and potions line, we headed over to Whole Paycheck Foods to find a couple of all natural solutions to the dreaded psoriasis. Honestly, the thing that seems to be working the best on him is Cortizone cream. Which I can get at the drug store on the corner. Live and learn.

His reward for behaving at the store while I read a million labels was a trip to the car wash. If he's really good again today maybe I'll let him scrub the floors later! Kidding. He loves to sit in the front seat while we go through the automated car wash in town. It's super exciting for him. He sits up on his knees, sniffing the air with anticipation, waiting for the smell of the raspberry scented soap to reach his nose. Why, yes, it is a thrill a minute over here, why do you ask? Psoriasis talk and the car wash...aren't you glad you checked in here today? *wink*

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Anonymous said...

I remember some of the first car wash facilities - scar-r-r-r-y! But back then we didn't have raspberry scented soaps... Progress indeed! So glad Lucas is enjoying the sights and sounds of being FIVE!