Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowglobe...Extra Shaken

A snowstorm worthy of a snow day from kindergarten's daily grind and Lucas was already home on school break. Being snowed in is the best excuse to hole up with your favorite 5 year old and be lazy lazy lazy. And that's just what we did. There's a spot in the new couch that still has my imprint from having never left it yesterday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cuteness, It Kills Me

My boy will often put himself to bed much earlier than I would like. If that sentence sounds odd to you it's because it's odd. Most five (almost 6!) year olds fight the bedtime routine, or so I'm told. But my boy? Well, he loves himself a good night's sleep, and more often than not 7:30pm finds him out cold in bed, covers already kicked off. So tonight when he started begging to be put to bed at 6:45pm, I wasn't in any hurry to get him up there because I knew what would hour of "Mom!"s. Read me a book! Tuck me back in! Can I watch TV? I need a drink! I have to peeeeee! Gah.

A zillion requests later and I'm losing my patience. Until I hear...wait for it...wait for'll be worth it, I promise...

Mama? I just wanna see your beautiful face one more time before I fall asleeeeeeep.

Oh my. And if that RIGHT THERE doesn't melt your heart, then you my friend, are made of STONE. I love that boy. And he is not dramatic at all, no sir.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Has Been Kinda Rough on a Wimpy Sort of Way

So, I made it all the way to 500 posts on this blog and then sort of gave up. The last month has been crazy fast what with the throwing out my back, and then Luke's latest double ear infection, and then I shut my finger in the car door and it is just NOT RIGHT anymore, and the 48hr cold that kicked my booty, and then of course there's this crazy low cough/throat clearing thing I've had since last November that will not go away and MAN, 2010...ENOUGH!

Add that to working full time nights and volunteering in Luke's classroom during the day, and blog? What Blog? one likes a complainer. Ugh.

ANYWAY, it's a new day! We spent the night making valentines for the 22 kids in his class. He wrote his name on every one, bless his heart! Some of the ICU nurses where I work have a community service program called Love Your Heart where they go to kindergarten/first grade classrooms and teach kids about making healthy choices in food and exercise. Each child in the class got to listen to their heartbeats at rest and after jumping jacks with Doppler's and stethoscopes. I asked Luke's teacher if they could do their presentation in his class in conjunction with Valentine's Day (Hearts!) I have some amazing pictures of it and the kids had a blast. I'll have to weed through them all and pick a few without any other sweet little faces in them but Luke's.

And now off to tackle that impossibly large pile of laundry in my basement. I clearly couldn't do any laundry with a bad back, a miserable cold or a bum you can imagine how much it's piled up.