Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Cuteness, It Kills Me

My boy will often put himself to bed much earlier than I would like. If that sentence sounds odd to you it's because it's odd. Most five (almost 6!) year olds fight the bedtime routine, or so I'm told. But my boy? Well, he loves himself a good night's sleep, and more often than not 7:30pm finds him out cold in bed, covers already kicked off. So tonight when he started begging to be put to bed at 6:45pm, I wasn't in any hurry to get him up there because I knew what would hour of "Mom!"s. Read me a book! Tuck me back in! Can I watch TV? I need a drink! I have to peeeeee! Gah.

A zillion requests later and I'm losing my patience. Until I hear...wait for it...wait for'll be worth it, I promise...

Mama? I just wanna see your beautiful face one more time before I fall asleeeeeeep.

Oh my. And if that RIGHT THERE doesn't melt your heart, then you my friend, are made of STONE. I love that boy. And he is not dramatic at all, no sir.


Melissa said...

Oh.My.! What an amazing warm feeling of L.O.V.E.! Enjoy him! = )

I have such a fear that my child will not like me! But when I hear things like this, I cant wait to experience this myself!

Anna said...

Melissa: OMG...your baby will love you more than ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD! I am so excited for you...the best is all yet to come!