Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is What Every Day is Like With Lucas

Lucas has been asking me for a taco since Monday morning around breakfast time, which I have taken as an excellent sign that he is feeling better. I promised him that if he was still feeling well I would take him to Moe's today for lunch after we took the car in for an oil change. This oil change would be aptly named The Oil Change With a Thousand Questions. Lucas wanted to know all about everything, like for instance, where do the employees sleep? Where do they keep their beds? Do they all live there together at the shop or do they get to go home? And if they do get to go home, do they all go home to the same place, or they all have their own place? And what comes out of all those hoses? Why are there three kinds of oil? What's radiator fluid? Why are they washing our windows? And also, who owns that junk car over there?

Can we just stop right there for a moment? He actually asked the guy behind the desk who owned the JUNK CAR?! Thank the heavens that the owner of the car in the next bay was physically in the bay with his (junk) car and not waiting in the waiting room, like us. Phew...close one.

Although I was slightly less embarrassed by this when the Service Guy rang me up, then slipped me his business card and whispered to me that he could come change my oil at my house and he would only charge me $25.00. WHAT?! Creepy! Although, hey? $25 bucks is super cheap compared to what we normally pay around here...and he would come to my house...hmmm...right, still no.

On to Moe's, where the highlight of every visit is when he walks through the door and all the people behind the counter yell, "Welcome to Moe's!" Although, this time? They were totally running with the B-team or something and nobody said a word on his arrival. Completely unacceptable to a four year old. He marched right up to the counter and told the nearest girl, "'Scuse me. Remember when I walked in? And you were supposed to say 'Welcome to Moe's!" and you didn't?" "Yeah" said the girl. ""Well?" and he looked at her rather expectantly. She rallied enough to get out a very lame "Welcome to Moe's..." and that was all he needed. Happy as a clam. And then he made me rice crispy treats to take to work. Man, I love that kid.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We celebrated Memorial Day the proper gorging ourselves on grilled meat and ice pops! The kid can finally eat yummy food without any danger of it coming back up, so yippee! Bring on the BBQ! We even managed to catch the Mr. Dingaling ice cream truck (I KNOW! That is such an inappropriate name for the ice cream man! Isn't it? Maybe only I think it's just so, so wrong?) Oh well...we caught the ice cream truck just as I was leaving for work, so it was good day all around. Hope you are all enjoying the day off...even though I have to work! *wink*

Sunday, May 25, 2008

So. Much. Better.

Three days worth of antibiotics have returned my poor child back to his usually happy go lucky self, just another seven days worth and this can all be over. That was really the worst week ever, one that I never wish to repeat. It is so great to look at him and see a smile instead of a fever.

Now that he's feeling better, I think it's time he resumed his place in the kitchen as my Head Chef and Personal Cook, and I have just stumbled across the most amazing blog/website that is just stocked full of the most mouth watering, delicious recipes for Lucas to make for me...with a little bit of I have no idea why I haven't found this site sooner, it just means I have a LOT of archive reading to do.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Suckiest Week EVER!

My poor, poor little boy has been sick all week. Like fevers in the 103's kind of sick with the shaking and the puking and the generalized whimpering. It all culminated in a trip to the emergency room last night prompted by a fever of 104.8 and a touch of scream inducing belly pain. After x-rays and iv's and Tylenol placed in a most unfortunate fashion, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and pumped full of antibiotics and fluid. He had perked up a bit this morning, but is now back to feeling miserable and achy, and he is not at all pleased with the new prescription that tastes nasty but is required to go down the hatch three times a day. Keep your fingers crossed that he feels better soon...we could both use the sleep!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Don't Be Jealous

I shall be spending Tuesday getting rubbed down with aromatherapy oils for my 32nd birthday with my bestest buddy, Yvette. I told them to book me someone with strong hands since my cellulite is far more pronounced this year than ever before and I want to make sure I don't get some wimpy 100 pound girl with weak hands. Also, someone will grate away at my yucky heels until they are as soft as rose petals and paint them a fire engine red for me. And I will gladly pay the exorbitant spa fee to eat lunch in fluffy white robe and nothing else...'cause it's my birthday!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Watch Out Tom...There's a New Top Gun in Town

When Your Mother Forgets Your Sneakers on a Trip to the Park, You End Up Having Your Picture Taken Wearing Socks AND Crocs.

My Sweet Little "Garden"

Here's the Part Where I Start Flooding You With Pictures...

We went down the bike path to watch the sun set from this bridge, although for some odd reason it just went from daytime to darkness in the blink of an eye, with no real sunset to speak of. We did get eaten alive by mosquitoes the trip wasn't a total waste of time. Heh.
Watch the four year old single handedly move the steel bridge with little more than his trike and his shear will.
Bridge moving is hard. And bridge movers get thirsty.

And On the 7th Day, It Came...

This...right here? This is where my LucasBlog turns into a photo blog because that is how much I am in loooooove with my new camera and if you could just hold on one second while I pat myself on the back for making such a good choice, well, I'd really appreciate it. Okay! All done patting! And now I will bombard you with all of my favorite pictures. There are only a million more...mostly of the kid...but this is a good start!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Somebody Hold Me

After all my months of waiting (or maybe it was 5 days...whatever), Mr. FedEx finally arrived with my camera today...TOO BAD I WAS AT HOME DEPOT PICKING OUT PLANTS!!! I nearly cried when I saw the little sticky note on my door saying he'd missed me...'cause I for sure missed him. Bah! My only consolation was my super duper pretty little cherry tomato plants and my yummy, pesto smelling basil plants. I transplanted them lovingly, with all the care I would have shown the camera if it were here in my arms like it outta be.

If anyone needs me tomorrow I can be found on my front steps...waiting...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here's a picture of The Haircut...taken with my regular camera since the new one is still in Georgia according to FedEx tracking...I could squeeze those cheeks forever and never get sick of it.

AND!! I found a new blog that I love... a little Mother's Day gift from the internet! Thanks, internet!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

He Got a New Bike

And it only has two wheels (and two training wheels). I got it for a steal at a huge kid's consignment sale this weekend. He seemed very excited about it until I got it home, put the helmet on his head and told him to ride like the wind. "Maybe when I'm six." was his answer. I might not have bothered to drag the thing home from across state lines if I had known he didn't really want it. But for ten bucks, what are gonna do? I'm sure he'll change his mind..we all know how fickle 4-year-olds can be.

Mr. FedEx didn't bring me my camera again today. Apparently he doesn't want me to be happy on Mother's Day. At one point this morning I was washing my hair in the shower and I thought I heard a delivery truck pull up so out I dashed, wearing nothing but soap in my hair, to retrieve my CAMERA! We wouldn't want him to just leave it on the porch...what if somebody tried to steal it! But it didn't come...I guess it's just as well...that would have been an embarrassing way to meet my FedEx guy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Oh my goodness...I brought the kid in for haircut today and it was priceless. Let me just start by saying that we do not ever enjoy ourselves when we go to get Luke's hair cut. The whole process (up until today) always involved lots of crying, and snot, and tears, and hysterics about how he never wanted a haircut in the first place. Did I mention the wailing...'cause there's always plenty of that, too. I don't normally tell him we're going until we pull into the driveway, since I don't possess enough patience to hear him tell me all the reasons he can't go if I tell him any sooner than that. But not today, folks!

Today, he is a Grown Boy, and haircuts are something magical, and they involve Sponge Bob Videos! And good manners! And lollipops! And a balloon! They took the clippers to my boy for the first time ever today. (I got a serious knot in my stomach as I watched the inches drop off his head.) His hair was long and straight and thick...rinsing the soap out is no small task and also involves lots of tears and wailing, although he never wants to get of the tub once the dreaded hair washing is done, of course.

Today, he is the proud wearer of a super short cut with some spiking on the top...since that's how all the cool kids do it. And as much as I would love to post a picture, I won't. I want to take it with the new camera...and Mr. FedEx hasn't dropped it off yet. It seems no amount of sitting on my porch steps willing him to come makes any difference on how fast my camera gets delivered.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Like Ridin' a Bike

Lucas hollered up the stairs to me today that I was his "best friend in the whole world." Shortly after that I offered to buy him a bike. Me thinks the kid's not stupid and that he also plays me like a fiddle. That said, I am really looking forward to teaching him how to ride this bike he does not yet own. It's seems to be such a momentous occasion in the life of a small child...everyone I've asked remembers the Day They Learned to Ride, no matter how old they were when it happened. AND NOW I GET TO CAPTURE IT ALL ON MY NEW CAMERAAAAAAA. Sorry...couldn't seem to hold that in. Phew! To this day I still remember my yellow banana seat bike that I got when I was four and used to ride up and down our street. to the store to see what we can find...

Monday, May 5, 2008


Hey!! I got my stimulus check today...and I'm LOVIN' it! Went straight to Google to find the camera of my dreams. Don't worry...I found it...looks a little something like this...Hey!! Quit drooling on it! It was expensive!!!

I also have another trip to my darling Target planned for Friday, where I will squeeze in a visit with my friend and her kids, a side trip to a HUGE bi-annual kid's consignment sale AND a quick run into the new Steve&Barry store that just opened up in that area. I'm getting all a twitter just thinking about it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

It Does Seem Like I'm Always There...

We were at Costco again today (I know!) and Lucas, Ben (my 15 year old brother) and I were sitting at the tables by the concession, waiting for my mother to finish in the checkout line. Lucas was chowing down on his vanilla frozen yogurt (again) and he says through mouthfuls of icy vanilla goodness..."I'm gonna ask you about your day and then you can tell me. And then you can ask me about my day, and I'll tell you! OK?! I told him all about my night at work and he wanted me to list off all the things I do in a day while I'm there...and let me tell you, it bored even me, and he cut me off before I was finished to tell me it was my turn to ask him. His day included all sorts of fabulous things like video games, bikes rides and cooking. All of which sounded better than my night...and then he flicked his spoon at Ben and "And he had fun, too." Apparently we didn't really want to know how Ben's night went...according to Lucas, it went alright.

And then I got my birthday present!!!!!!! Which looks a little something like this...
Sorry if that squeal of happiness was a bit too loud...I've been drooling over this Circulon Elite set for quite some time! ;-) Have a lovely Sunday, folks!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is It Monday Already?!

So, Saturday is the start of my work week, and it comes 'round awfully fast, let me tell you. We have had company all week long which has been wonderful, but it does cut into my nap time, don't you know? A friend of mine from Denver (Hi, Melinda!) made a stop in our town on her way to Ireland and Scotland. Because, hey! Ireland and Scotland are fun and all...but not as much fun as me and my four year old right here in rainy New England.

Anyway...we were at Costco with our company, and Lucas was swinging his legs in the shopping cart chowing down on the world's largest vanilla frozen yogurt, when he glanced up at my friend and told her she was pretty. And my heart melted into a puddle right there in the concession line...because Oh My Heavens, could he be any sweeter?

Then he kept asking her if she would like to sleep in his bed...with him. Of course, he's thinking she's a sleepover buddy like his other little sleepover buddies...but as smooth as he was, even with the telling her she's pretty, he couldn't convince her to sleep in his bed with him. Luckily for her, our couch is comfy.

Then, this morning, as I'm standing in the kitchen I hear him saying "Oh my God, oh my God!" from the living room. "Oh my God that looks da-wicious! (Let me just add here that I always correct him about saying "Oh my God"...that it's really much more appropriate to say goodness or gosh or barnacles...but I digress...) His favorite cooking gal on the food network was making pureed fruit smoothies for a champagne cocktail, and he was apparently right on board with it all. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked me. "Well, I don't know buddy, what are you thinking?" "I'm thinking we need to go to the grocery store for some fruit." What on earth am I gonna do with this kid? On the other hand...he didn't expect me to also pick him up some champagne and he did let me get in a good nap I guess I'll keep him around a little longer.