Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Somebody Hold Me

After all my months of waiting (or maybe it was 5 days...whatever), Mr. FedEx finally arrived with my camera today...TOO BAD I WAS AT HOME DEPOT PICKING OUT PLANTS!!! I nearly cried when I saw the little sticky note on my door saying he'd missed me...'cause I for sure missed him. Bah! My only consolation was my super duper pretty little cherry tomato plants and my yummy, pesto smelling basil plants. I transplanted them lovingly, with all the care I would have shown the camera if it were here in my arms like it outta be.

If anyone needs me tomorrow I can be found on my front steps...waiting...

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Kellan said...

This was a PERFECT post. Perfectly written and perfectly funny and perfectly sad - it was so cute!!! I'm sorry you missed the FedEx guy!

Sometimes when I read your posts and I'm the only one that read it that day - like today - I can't believe I am the only one that is so priviledged to be reading your stuff - I find it that good and that fun and funny. You need to get out there - people are missing out on your talents - SERIOUSLY!! I love your writing and your stories!

Hope you get that camera tomorrow - so you can teach me how to use the darn thing (I've got the Canon that I got for X-mas I still don't quite know how to use - I'm counting on you reading all those directions!). See you - Kellan