Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is It Monday Already?!

So, Saturday is the start of my work week, and it comes 'round awfully fast, let me tell you. We have had company all week long which has been wonderful, but it does cut into my nap time, don't you know? A friend of mine from Denver (Hi, Melinda!) made a stop in our town on her way to Ireland and Scotland. Because, hey! Ireland and Scotland are fun and all...but not as much fun as me and my four year old right here in rainy New England.

Anyway...we were at Costco with our company, and Lucas was swinging his legs in the shopping cart chowing down on the world's largest vanilla frozen yogurt, when he glanced up at my friend and told her she was pretty. And my heart melted into a puddle right there in the concession line...because Oh My Heavens, could he be any sweeter?

Then he kept asking her if she would like to sleep in his bed...with him. Of course, he's thinking she's a sleepover buddy like his other little sleepover buddies...but as smooth as he was, even with the telling her she's pretty, he couldn't convince her to sleep in his bed with him. Luckily for her, our couch is comfy.

Then, this morning, as I'm standing in the kitchen I hear him saying "Oh my God, oh my God!" from the living room. "Oh my God that looks da-wicious! (Let me just add here that I always correct him about saying "Oh my God"...that it's really much more appropriate to say goodness or gosh or barnacles...but I digress...) His favorite cooking gal on the food network was making pureed fruit smoothies for a champagne cocktail, and he was apparently right on board with it all. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked me. "Well, I don't know buddy, what are you thinking?" "I'm thinking we need to go to the grocery store for some fruit." What on earth am I gonna do with this kid? On the other hand...he didn't expect me to also pick him up some champagne and he did let me get in a good nap I guess I'll keep him around a little longer.

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