Saturday, May 10, 2008

He Got a New Bike

And it only has two wheels (and two training wheels). I got it for a steal at a huge kid's consignment sale this weekend. He seemed very excited about it until I got it home, put the helmet on his head and told him to ride like the wind. "Maybe when I'm six." was his answer. I might not have bothered to drag the thing home from across state lines if I had known he didn't really want it. But for ten bucks, what are gonna do? I'm sure he'll change his mind..we all know how fickle 4-year-olds can be.

Mr. FedEx didn't bring me my camera again today. Apparently he doesn't want me to be happy on Mother's Day. At one point this morning I was washing my hair in the shower and I thought I heard a delivery truck pull up so out I dashed, wearing nothing but soap in my hair, to retrieve my CAMERA! We wouldn't want him to just leave it on the porch...what if somebody tried to steal it! But it didn't come...I guess it's just as well...that would have been an embarrassing way to meet my FedEx guy.

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Kellan said...

You crack me up! I would have loved to have seen you rushing to the door covered in bubbles to meet the Fed EX guy - HA!

I always enjoy your stories/posts! "Fly like the wind" - you always make my day!

Have a good Mother's Day - see you soon, Anna - Kellan