Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We celebrated Memorial Day the proper gorging ourselves on grilled meat and ice pops! The kid can finally eat yummy food without any danger of it coming back up, so yippee! Bring on the BBQ! We even managed to catch the Mr. Dingaling ice cream truck (I KNOW! That is such an inappropriate name for the ice cream man! Isn't it? Maybe only I think it's just so, so wrong?) Oh well...we caught the ice cream truck just as I was leaving for work, so it was good day all around. Hope you are all enjoying the day off...even though I have to work! *wink*


pmd said...

Mr. Dingaling? Is that really the name of the ice cream truck? Forgive me but Mr. Pedifile is what comes to my mind.

I'm so happy to see Lucas with a smile on his face and some color in his cheeks.

Kellan said...

That sounds like a perfect day - I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Cute picture of your baby boy!

See you - Kellan

singleworkingmommy said...

Oh wow. I'm with you. *Not* a good name. But then again... is Mr. Softee (one of many ice cream men around here) any better?

I'm so glad Lucas is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

The bells go Ding-a-ling on the ice cream truck so get your mind out of the gutter