Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is What Every Day is Like With Lucas

Lucas has been asking me for a taco since Monday morning around breakfast time, which I have taken as an excellent sign that he is feeling better. I promised him that if he was still feeling well I would take him to Moe's today for lunch after we took the car in for an oil change. This oil change would be aptly named The Oil Change With a Thousand Questions. Lucas wanted to know all about everything, like for instance, where do the employees sleep? Where do they keep their beds? Do they all live there together at the shop or do they get to go home? And if they do get to go home, do they all go home to the same place, or they all have their own place? And what comes out of all those hoses? Why are there three kinds of oil? What's radiator fluid? Why are they washing our windows? And also, who owns that junk car over there?

Can we just stop right there for a moment? He actually asked the guy behind the desk who owned the JUNK CAR?! Thank the heavens that the owner of the car in the next bay was physically in the bay with his (junk) car and not waiting in the waiting room, like us. Phew...close one.

Although I was slightly less embarrassed by this when the Service Guy rang me up, then slipped me his business card and whispered to me that he could come change my oil at my house and he would only charge me $25.00. WHAT?! Creepy! Although, hey? $25 bucks is super cheap compared to what we normally pay around here...and he would come to my house...hmmm...right, still no.

On to Moe's, where the highlight of every visit is when he walks through the door and all the people behind the counter yell, "Welcome to Moe's!" Although, this time? They were totally running with the B-team or something and nobody said a word on his arrival. Completely unacceptable to a four year old. He marched right up to the counter and told the nearest girl, "'Scuse me. Remember when I walked in? And you were supposed to say 'Welcome to Moe's!" and you didn't?" "Yeah" said the girl. ""Well?" and he looked at her rather expectantly. She rallied enough to get out a very lame "Welcome to Moe's..." and that was all he needed. Happy as a clam. And then he made me rice crispy treats to take to work. Man, I love that kid.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog! Sounds like the Lucas we know and love to pieces!! Thanks for a very descriptive and entertaining rendition of a few 'hours' in Life With Lucas!

Single Working Mommy said...

What a cute story. Lucas sounds like a real trip!

And yeah, don't let that guy come to your house. I'll come over and change your oil for free!

that girl said...

He sounds very smart - which is trying sometimes for mommy trying to come up with answers for all those questions..but very smart is a very good thing.

He sounds really cute.