Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Like Ridin' a Bike

Lucas hollered up the stairs to me today that I was his "best friend in the whole world." Shortly after that I offered to buy him a bike. Me thinks the kid's not stupid and that he also plays me like a fiddle. That said, I am really looking forward to teaching him how to ride this bike he does not yet own. It's seems to be such a momentous occasion in the life of a small child...everyone I've asked remembers the Day They Learned to Ride, no matter how old they were when it happened. AND NOW I GET TO CAPTURE IT ALL ON MY NEW CAMERAAAAAAA. Sorry...couldn't seem to hold that in. Phew! To this day I still remember my yellow banana seat bike that I got when I was four and used to ride up and down our street. So...off to the store to see what we can find...


Anonymous said...

I remember the yellow banana seat bike too - and a grinning Grandpa running right along beside you. I wish YOU such wonderful memories as you help Lucas learn to ride!

Kellan said...

New bikes - new cameras - WOO HOO - you are having fun with that check and I am GLAD!!!

TAke care - I'll see you soon - Kellan

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Strawberry Shortcake bike for this cookie. With the pink baskets on each side of the seat...and the chink, chink of that gawd awful bell. ;o)

Thanks for the look back in ancient history. heh.

Good Luck Lucas! Don't forget your helmet!! Can't wait for pics