Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quote of the Day

Lucas: (Sitting on a friend's bed, surveying his room) "Hey! This is a real nice place you got here!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Reason Why I Love My Kid

My three year old called me at work tonight...just to sing me his ABC's. My face flushed, it made me so happy. What a good pick-me-up.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah! Boys!

I was putting laundry away in my bedroom today and Lucas was playing V-Smile in his room when I heard a groan and a sigh and a little bit of whining. I don't tend to run to his rescue when he's having trouble with his video games (because they are learning games...and I want him to get all the learning he can from them...not because they bore me to tears) so I just continued to fold clothes and kept an ear out. His little video game character must have been having some troubles because it kept on for a while. Just as I rounded the corner to his room I see him drop the controller all dramatic like and pump his chubby little fist in the air. "FOILED AGAIN!" he raged. Foiled again? Where does he learn this stuff? And just as I thought that maybe I was raising a little boy genius, he lets one rip and then congratulates himself with an "Oooh! Good one!" So yeah, just a normal boy after all. I am a lucky Mama.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barfing and Birthdays

I went home sick from work yesterday with the barfing's the first time I've left work sick ever, that I remember, and I've worked here for almost 13 years. So, yeah...I was really sick and very barfy. Seems to be a 24 hour thing, though, 'cause I'm back in the saddle today.
On the way in to work this afternoon Lucas and I got on the topic of parties, specifically his baby shower and his upcoming 4th birthday party. He started to cry when we talked about his shower and what types of gifts people brought him, and when I asked him why he was crying he told me he was sad that he had missed his own shower...he had "'willy 'willy wanted to be there." I tried to explain that he was totally there...that all the presents were for him...that he had a blast, but it didn't seem to help. (I did not go into the fact that all the presents were pink...he doesn't need to know we all thought I was having a girl!) So I distracted him with talk about his 4TH! BIRTHDAY! This is when the little love informed that even though he has been asking for a Spongebob birthday party (since the ride home from his 3rd birthday) he has changed his mind and now wants another Thomas the Tank Engine party..."'cause Thomas is 'willy very cheeky, although he likes to be 'willy 'willy useful!" I guess I don't really care how cheeky or useful Thomas is, because I have already purchased everything but the kitchen sink in Spongebob birthday junk...and I'm not starting over. I guess that makes me a well organized, party lovin' meanie?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Serves Me Right For Asking

Me: "What are you doing upstairs, honey?"
Him: "Pickin' my nose."

Okay then.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jack Frost Nipping At Our Nose...

I got home from work this morning at the lovely hour of 3:45am, toddler in arm, and what do you suppose I found when I opened the front door? My house was ice cold inside. At some point in the day the furnace gave out and I didn't realize something was wrong when it started to get cold in the afternoon...I just figured it was really cold outside so I turned up the heat. All day long my furnace was blowing out ice cold air and it couldn't shut off because it was less than 40 degrees in my house! So now, it's fully 4am and I'm WIDE AWAKE wondering what the heck is going on. I ran right down to the basement to have a look...(like I know squat about the inner workings of a furnace and as mine runs on gas, I'm not at all willing to tinker with it myself).
I had put Lucas back to sleep in my bed thinking we could share body heat...I know...that sounds so dramatic, but HELLO!? 40 degrees inside! I was afraid he would freeze to death in his own bed alone.

Then my wide awake self started to panic about frozen pipes and gas line leaks and so I didn't actually fall asleep until 6am...and then guess what? Up again for then day at 7:30am! My life is so glamorous, isn't it? Lucky for me he's a little heat engine as soon as he falls asleep so I curled myself right around him. I called the property manager first thing this morning and he came and fixed it in just minutes...but still! I obviously need to learn how to fix it myself in just minutes.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

WonderBoy and SuperMama

My kid informed me today that he is WONDERBOY! and I am SUPERMAMA! Which sounds all fine and good until you realize it's just another name for TACKLEYOURMOTHER! Luckily, the only injury I sustained was a nicked lip from a small sharp fingernail...which could have been much worse considering he is a miniature linebacker in training. (All of this happened while he was clad in only a, you know, hehe...funny.) He also told me he had a list of things to do today, which included pinching my bunners. Lucky is the woman who gets to spend her life with my little gem!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cranky and Miserable

I pinched a nerve in my neck AGAIN yesterday, and last night and this morning has been just a big 'ole bowl of misery and pain. It always takes a full week before I feel normal again, but the first few days are the worst. So. Show of hands...who is coming over to rub my shoulders? Anyone? I have good snacks....still no? Bummer.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Little Foodie

Lucas was in the living room watching the Food Network and I was in the kitchen washing dishes when he came in and asked for the grocery list. (We keep a magnetic pad of paper on the fridge and write our list as we run out of things.) I asked him what he thought we were out of. He told me he needed some ingredients for his new recipe. When I asked him what ingredients he needed he told me lemon vodka and lemons (although it sounded more like 'wemon 'wodka and 'wemons)...because he was making 'tinis (martinis) like the lady on tv. Hehehehehe. He likes to watch Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee...and she sure does like her cocktails. While I won't be picking up lemon vodka for him to experiment with anytime soon...I won't discourage the little guy from trying out new recipes. Why, just this morning he made me waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, and I, for one, would like this to continue.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quote of the Day

From my almost 4 year old boy with his hands in air and a know-it-all tone standing on his "cooking chair" at the kitchen counter... "I know the ingwedients in my wecipe for my mashed 'atatoes. Mashed 'atatoes and water. That's what's in my wecipe." (Which is totally true...because I buy him the instant mashed potatoes in a pouch that you just add water to. It makes it so much easier for him to navigate his "recipes" when the ingredient list is a short one. And he makes me mashed potatoes every. single. day. Which is fine...if you really really really love powdered mashed potatoes.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

He TOTALLY Has My Back

I love my kid.

On the way to drop him off today, his big drink cup (that Grandma gave him) spilled on my bag, and I might have said "damn" when I picked it back up and put it back on the seat. Lucas probably did tell me that "damn" was not nice word and then I probably gave him some big story about how he was right, and how I wouldn't use that word again. Well. He got to Grandma's house and started to rat me out about my cursing in the car. Grandma told him that only big people use that word and that even then...they really shouldn't. Lucas thought I was getting in trouble by Grandma and changed his story..."Well...maybe she didn't say that word...I think she really said shoot....yup...she said shoot."

That's my boy! He's got my back, just the way it should be...
I love my kid.

How I Spent My Thursday

Manicure, pedicure, haircut and highlights and a trip to the Banana Republic (where I got an $88 dollar wallet for the low low price of just $17 bucks). All without the kid. Can you ask for anything more? I'm not sure you can.
We are all in love with our new baby cousin Adaline. You forget children can ever be that small. Just itty bitty. It feels wonderful to have another baby in the family. A girl to spoil! Boys are fun to spoil too, but you can really take spoiling to a whole new level in the baby girl's department the Baby know?
Lucas made me scrambled eggs for breakfast and roast chicken, mashed potatoes and cornbread for lunch. I have raised that boy right, let me tell you. He actually started to get worked up today when I tried to change the channel from the Food Network to something else...because he was "watchin' that!" The downside to letting him "help" in the kitchen is that discoveries are being made left and right. Apparently I haven't made a roast chicken since he appointed himself the cook of the house, and we had a somewhat awkward conversation about this chicken having legs...and also where his head might be...soooo...while he did help me finish prepping it and cooking it, he was not at all willing to eat it when it was done. Luckily we don't usually eat much meat.

Hope you all had a great week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Adaline!

BIG Sister!
She's very beautiful, very sweet and we love her to pieces already!
Welcome Baby Adaline!

He Is Lucky I Didn't Leave Him There

We got the chance to see some friends of ours today that we haven't seen in a very long time because they moved far far away. Lucas was a beast of a boy. Everything started out so well with hugs and presents and playing. Then it came time to go out to lunch and he just unraveled. The crying and whining and snot could be seen and heard for miles around...I just know it! And here I am, always bragging to these same people how well behaved my child is and he goes all postal on me at lunch. In his very weak defense, we got up really early and we'd been on the road all day up until that point. But it didn't make me want to strangle him any less for the scene he caused. We left early and we walked to the car in silence. I didn't start lecturing him until the first traffic light, and I glanced in the rear view mirror to make sure he understood how angry I was at the rotten behavior...and can you believe that little devil was sound asleep? Yeah...he could really care less about my sermon on good behavior...he was snoring. I dropped his sorry self off at Grandma's house nice and early and came to work...and I got to hold my new baby cousin! She's just a few hours old and if her mom doesn't mind I'll post the sweetest picture of her later. That baby fix was just what I needed to get me out of my crabby mood!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Reasons Why I Love My Kid

1. Lucas told me today that I could go have a "wittle west" (little rest) if I wanted to, he'd would just go and play his video games...quietly. (Um, hello? Best kid ever?)

2. And then we fought over who got to be the drummer in Rock Band...which just proves that he is AWESOME.

3. Every time we come to a decision on something he says "it's a deal" and sticks his hand out to shake on it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

How I Spent My Saturday

Don't be jealous...but Santa brought us a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine! Complete with grape flavored sugar syrup. YUM! Thank heavens we had plenty of ice cubes on hand...'cause we needed every one! If only it wasn't 2 degrees outside...

If You Think He Looks Bad...You Should See the Other Guy

Lucas has his first shiner! The product of an overzealous playdate. We should have known better than to leave them upstairs alone. He is enormously proud of his black eye and is willing to talk about/show it off to anyone who will listen.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We Have Nothing Like This at Home...But We Do Have Whale's Tales, Even Though We Are No Where Near An Ocean.

My very good, kind, generous and pretty friend Melinda, who does travel nursing, is currently in Seattle, and because I am a big loser who refuses to go visit because she is eleventy billion miles away from here and what if I die in a plane child would be an orphan! she has decided to send me pictures of Seattle's highlight reel, so to speak. That was a very long sentence, I know. But the picture makes up for it...

It's just like being there, huh? Thanks Melinda! We miss you!

Happy New Year and Rabbit, Rabbit!

I ended 2007 and started 2008 dizzy and a tad miserable. I don't know what my problem is...but I'm sure it will pass. Thus begins and ends my New Year's celebrations. Yahoo!