Saturday, January 12, 2008

He TOTALLY Has My Back

I love my kid.

On the way to drop him off today, his big drink cup (that Grandma gave him) spilled on my bag, and I might have said "damn" when I picked it back up and put it back on the seat. Lucas probably did tell me that "damn" was not nice word and then I probably gave him some big story about how he was right, and how I wouldn't use that word again. Well. He got to Grandma's house and started to rat me out about my cursing in the car. Grandma told him that only big people use that word and that even then...they really shouldn't. Lucas thought I was getting in trouble by Grandma and changed his story..."Well...maybe she didn't say that word...I think she really said shoot....yup...she said shoot."

That's my boy! He's got my back, just the way it should be...
I love my kid.


BlueBella said...

Heck yeah Lucas is a rock star for sticking up for Mom! Way to go, man!

EC said...

LOL - That is so adorable!! My son would tell everyone within earshot that I DID say it, lol.