Sunday, January 27, 2008

Barfing and Birthdays

I went home sick from work yesterday with the barfing's the first time I've left work sick ever, that I remember, and I've worked here for almost 13 years. So, yeah...I was really sick and very barfy. Seems to be a 24 hour thing, though, 'cause I'm back in the saddle today.
On the way in to work this afternoon Lucas and I got on the topic of parties, specifically his baby shower and his upcoming 4th birthday party. He started to cry when we talked about his shower and what types of gifts people brought him, and when I asked him why he was crying he told me he was sad that he had missed his own shower...he had "'willy 'willy wanted to be there." I tried to explain that he was totally there...that all the presents were for him...that he had a blast, but it didn't seem to help. (I did not go into the fact that all the presents were pink...he doesn't need to know we all thought I was having a girl!) So I distracted him with talk about his 4TH! BIRTHDAY! This is when the little love informed that even though he has been asking for a Spongebob birthday party (since the ride home from his 3rd birthday) he has changed his mind and now wants another Thomas the Tank Engine party..."'cause Thomas is 'willy very cheeky, although he likes to be 'willy 'willy useful!" I guess I don't really care how cheeky or useful Thomas is, because I have already purchased everything but the kitchen sink in Spongebob birthday junk...and I'm not starting over. I guess that makes me a well organized, party lovin' meanie?


Anonymous said...

So glad the 24-hour thing is a thing of the past. You and Lucas have the most interesting conversations and I love your response to the 4th birthday bash. You do have a month to prepare him for the joys of a Spongebob party. Lucky you!

Kellan said...

I'm glad you got better quick! My Alexis had a 24 hour virus like that last Thur. and Fri - I'm glad it only lasted one day too!!

The conversation with Lucas is so cute - what a sweetied crying about not being at his shower - funny! Take care and have a great week Anna - see you soon. Kellan

pmd said...

Whoa. I'm impressed Lucas is able to contemplate his own baby shower. That is an advanced concept for a young man who is not yet four. Brace yourself for the future.

Sleepynita said...

They sure grow up fast don't they? You little boy sounds like a total charmer, and I am pleased to hear you got over the flu bug thing!