Monday, January 28, 2008

Ah! Boys!

I was putting laundry away in my bedroom today and Lucas was playing V-Smile in his room when I heard a groan and a sigh and a little bit of whining. I don't tend to run to his rescue when he's having trouble with his video games (because they are learning games...and I want him to get all the learning he can from them...not because they bore me to tears) so I just continued to fold clothes and kept an ear out. His little video game character must have been having some troubles because it kept on for a while. Just as I rounded the corner to his room I see him drop the controller all dramatic like and pump his chubby little fist in the air. "FOILED AGAIN!" he raged. Foiled again? Where does he learn this stuff? And just as I thought that maybe I was raising a little boy genius, he lets one rip and then congratulates himself with an "Oooh! Good one!" So yeah, just a normal boy after all. I am a lucky Mama.

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Kellan said...

"Foiled again" - how cute!!! He sounds like ALL boy - they are born to play games - they love games, don't they? Cute story Anna - see ya. Kellan