Thursday, May 8, 2008


Oh my goodness...I brought the kid in for haircut today and it was priceless. Let me just start by saying that we do not ever enjoy ourselves when we go to get Luke's hair cut. The whole process (up until today) always involved lots of crying, and snot, and tears, and hysterics about how he never wanted a haircut in the first place. Did I mention the wailing...'cause there's always plenty of that, too. I don't normally tell him we're going until we pull into the driveway, since I don't possess enough patience to hear him tell me all the reasons he can't go if I tell him any sooner than that. But not today, folks!

Today, he is a Grown Boy, and haircuts are something magical, and they involve Sponge Bob Videos! And good manners! And lollipops! And a balloon! They took the clippers to my boy for the first time ever today. (I got a serious knot in my stomach as I watched the inches drop off his head.) His hair was long and straight and thick...rinsing the soap out is no small task and also involves lots of tears and wailing, although he never wants to get of the tub once the dreaded hair washing is done, of course.

Today, he is the proud wearer of a super short cut with some spiking on the top...since that's how all the cool kids do it. And as much as I would love to post a picture, I won't. I want to take it with the new camera...and Mr. FedEx hasn't dropped it off yet. It seems no amount of sitting on my porch steps willing him to come makes any difference on how fast my camera gets delivered.


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