Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Sweet Little "Garden"


Anonymous said...

Okay, talk to me about your garden. I want to plant some veggies with Avi this summer, but I live in a second floor apartment. There's a little lawn so I thought I'd put out a couple pots, but I'm not sure whether they'd get knocked over...and then I spotted your big white barrels with little pots inside. So smart! Is there dirt in the barrel or just gravel/sand for drainage?

Anna said...

My Mom is a cook, so every spring she brings home arm loads of these five gallon white buckets and we plant things like tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash and zuccini. I love to plant fresh herbs and stawberries...anything really that grows above ground, I've never tried to grow anything like carrots or potatoes...I'm not sure the buckets would be big enough. I just use the Miracle Grow dirt mix that's meant for veggies/food and grow away! That little basil plant is sitting in the bigger big bucket because I hadn't replanted it yet. I put several basil plants in a bucket of their own. (I've been told never to plant mint with anything else as the mint will take over and everything will taste minty. I didn't plant any at all because I'm not sure I'd actually use it...) I wouldn't try to container garden from seed...just take a trip to your local home/garden store. A lot of their offerings are pretty far along already, which means you can start seeing your plants produce a bit faster! Good luck!