Sunday, May 25, 2008

So. Much. Better.

Three days worth of antibiotics have returned my poor child back to his usually happy go lucky self, just another seven days worth and this can all be over. That was really the worst week ever, one that I never wish to repeat. It is so great to look at him and see a smile instead of a fever.

Now that he's feeling better, I think it's time he resumed his place in the kitchen as my Head Chef and Personal Cook, and I have just stumbled across the most amazing blog/website that is just stocked full of the most mouth watering, delicious recipes for Lucas to make for me...with a little bit of I have no idea why I haven't found this site sooner, it just means I have a LOT of archive reading to do.


Kellan said...

I'm so glad Lucas is feeling better, so sorry he's been sick.

I've heard of The Pioneer Woman, but haven't visited much - enjoy - I hear it's great!!

Have a good Monday - see you - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Good news that Lucas is getting better! Nothing like some 'chef time' to put things back in order. I'll check out that new website, too!