Monday, March 9, 2009

The P Word

My son and I just returned from his pediatrician's office. He's had this crazy skin thing brewing on his belly for a while now, and we sort of just ignored it until Friday night, when we realized it was spreading. One crazy skin spot I can handle; I draw the line at a dozen, however.

Turns out he has psoriasis, which I will admit, sounded rather benign as his pediatrician (whom I LOVE) waved away any worries that it might be something of the icky variety, or something contagious. So, YAY! for it not being icky or can be a powerful thing for a curious mama and her newly diagnosed kiddo. Luke's version will apparently crop up any time his body is fighting off a virus unsuccessfully. I'm thinking kindergarten will be a petri dish of germs that will end up doing a number on his skin. Major bummer.

For now, his doctor says it should clear up in a couple of weeks...or a couple of months...there's really no telling. That's what a copay gets you these days: A diagnosis of "it could be this or it could be that". Worth every penny.

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pmd said...

Oh rats! That's a drag. Poor little fella-does it itch?