Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fumes!

I spent the whole day painting my downstairs with the help of my totally awesome mother. The downstairs looks clean and fresh and dirty fingerprint-free, but the fumes from the paint are starting to make me woozy. Very very woozy.
My son is wailing that his legs hurt. Two doses of ibuprofen later he says they're no better. What is that? Growing pains? I remember my little brother going through that when he was a little boy. My "little" brother is now 6ft tall. And speaking of Ben! He was nice today! To Lucas! And according to Lucas, that made today his "best day ever"!! It's nice to catch a glimpse of the little brother I know and love peeking through the hard, angry shell of the 16yr old he is now. Very nice indeed.

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Anonymous said...

New paint? Spring is in the air! Today I went to a sugar bush and tonight I had still warm maple syrup on ice cream. Another sign of spring!