Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Next Thing You Know He'll Be Dating

My crazy big kid has been stunning me this week with zany sayings and big words and fancy kisses. Me thinks we have to have a talk about the appropriateness of such fancy kisses, but that's a post for another day.

He spent the week before his fifth birthday telling everyone we passed that he was five. I had a little talk with him, explaining that while he would be five very, very soon, he shouldn't tell people something that wasn't true yet. His response was that he was just really excited, he "liked the way it sounded and he was testing it out." And who can argue with that, really?

Just today he told me that he was parched and needed a beverage; that I was being unreasonable; that his new sneakers were sick; that his video game was sweeeeet.

He bargains with me do things for him with the only tools he has. "I need you to build me something with Legos. I'll give you one smooch and two snuggles. What do you say?" Sometimes I hold out, because maybe there's an even better bargain to be had. "Alright" he says, "I'll rub your feet and let you hold the remote." See, now that's more like it. We shake on it to seal the deal.

When he's making these deals with me my mind jumps forward 10 years and he's bigger than I am and we're striking a very similar deal about car keys, staying out late and money. I wonder if smooches will still be on the table. I would like time to stop right now. Please.

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