Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Check Up

I took my great-big-old-as-the-hills five year old to his five year checkup. He about broke my heart with sweetness and cuteness sitting cross-legged in the exam room getting his hearing test. Watching his little smile and his concentration while he heard sounds known only to dog's ears and raising his hand to let the nurse know...well, it just about killed me. I actually had to excuse myself for just a little second because I was about to erupt in a fit of giggles from the SHEER CUTENESS OF IT ALL, and I didn't want to interrupt or screw up the test, so instead I stood just outside the door with my hand over my mouth, trying to pull it together. Seriously, his hearing is GOOD. And he is CUTE. In addition to perfect hearing, he vision is spot on, he took all four vaccinations like a pro, and he's most proud of brushing his teeth with toothpaste and jumping high. Or at least that's all he could think of when Dr. Brad asked him. (We are both madly in love with Dr. Brad by the way: Me because he HEALS THE CHILDREN and he always tells me that I'm doing a really good job, and Lucas because Dr. Brad knows about Star Wars and likes to give out hugs, stickers and high fives. Both of us have equally good reasons, if you ask me.)


Anonymous said...

You made me feel like I was there for Luke's checkup at the BIG FIVE! Thanks for sharing such a tender moment with us.

pmd said...

I can picture you bent over with your hand over your mouth stifling a giggle.

Anna said...

Oh was too cute for words...made me a very proud mama!