Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Boy in Love

Her name is Prema. She has stolen my son's heart. They have a "date" on Wednesday to go to Moe's and the movies. He wonders if she'll try to kiss him at the end of the night. I am dying a little over his immediate devotion to her.We took a road trip up a very high mountain today to help celebrate a friend's wedding to her long-time boyfriend. A very low key and laid back affair with coworkers, friends and family, there was live music and happy conversation and good food. Lucas struck up a chat with this lovely doctor (I know! A doctor! My boy is no dummy!). By the end they had plans to see a movie and dinner at Moe's. I had to ask if I could come along. He spent the entire car ride home listing all the ways she was perfect for him, how excited he was at having a first date, and nervous that I might spill his secret before he was ready to let it out: that he loves her. My heart about broke in two. He's not allowed to love any one else like that yet. Only me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the joys of being FIVE! Every kindergarten teacher in the world knows that kind of love - so get ready, Mama! We all know that you are his rock and all others (maybe except for Grandma) have to line up behind you. So glad you shared the story. It brought back wonderful school-day memories!

Melissa said...

How flippin cute! But you know, he'll always love his mama. Girls will come and go, but mama is always there!

Anonymous said...


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