Sunday, September 19, 2010

If it Can Happen to Him, it Will

Lucas is three weeks in to first grade and he's covered in chickenpox. Due to my stellar parenting skills I had no idea that he'd managed to contract the dreaded chickenpox somewhere in those first few days of school. I thought he'd just played in a mega-nest of mosquitoes...turns out that you can indeed get the chickenpox even though you've had the varicella vaccine. Things they never tell you at the pediatrician's office while they're pedaling shots to unsuspecting mamas, I suppose. Apparently 15-20% of children who get vaccinated also still get chickenpox. It stands to reason then that Lucas would get it...funky skin kid that he is. And I still sent him to school. Because I'm mean...or maybe because his "contagious" days were long past by the time I realized my mother told me he had chickenpox...not dozens of bug bites. The news that they will be a milder case then they would have been without the vaccine appears to be pure fiction. Poor little nugget.

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