Friday, June 19, 2009


So, I spent the week sloshing about my basement trying to salvage what wasn't already ruined, and moving things that had escaped the flood to higher ground, aka: my living room. And yeah, a bunch of stuff had to be thrown away, but a good portion of it probably should have been tossed long ago. And I don't know about you, but I have accumulated the belongings of six families after having lived here so long, so if there's any of you out there in need of something, let me know, I probably have four of them in my basement.

And because bad luck seems to be following me like a little black rain cloud this week, I'll let you all know that I tripped over the power cord of my laptop, which sent it flying, and when it landed the LCD screen had gorgeous and colorful digital crack mark from one end to the other, rendering my laptop super pretty in a geometric sort of way, but also utterly useless. I'm not a person that gets angry as a general rule, but I was a pretty much miserable for most the day after that.

To turn my sad self around I packed up my kid and we headed to a friend's house. Hi Yvette! She's got a huge pool and Lucas had a new suit to break in. It was hot and sunny out, and the kid played in the pool without any drama or crying, which is awesome. Now, Yvette is the person who usually waxes my eyebrows for me, and I mentioned that maybe she could touch me up before we left. She warmed up the wax in the microwave while I got comfy in a kitchen chair. And then I heard her swear as the pot of wax tipped over and hit the floor...and the counter and the dish washer and the stove along the way.

If bad things happen in threes, I'd like the claim Yvette's wax pot explosion as one of mine, 'cause I'm not sure I can take much more.


pmd said...

Whoa. A highly unusual day for you.

Anna said...

Pam: I was so ticked off at myself for being so clumsy, BUT it's getting fixed for about a hundred I guess that's not so bad. Grrrrrr.

Kellan said...

That last paragraph - tee hee. Sorry about the flooding and your laptop. I've tripped over my laptop cord once or twice, but was fortunate not to ruin the laptop. However, we have had serious flooding at our house and I know how miserable (and frightening) that can be - I'm sorry.

I've missed you, Anna.

Take care - Kellan

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