Friday, September 4, 2009

Rounding Out the Week

He got to rock the HUGE backpack that he uses as an overnight bag for Grandma's house today. Apparently his teacher told him that his lime green (adorable) backpack was a wee bit too small, and to her credit, she's probably right. His home/school folder was a tight fit and all of his artwork was coming home folded in half. But really...the blue one is enormous on him and we'll have to track down another one before all the school supplies vanish for the season.

I spent the day sleeping running errands. I did pick up some really cute picks to use while packing his bento box lunches. He hasn't had any complaints about them and his lunchbox always comes home empty, so I guess he doesn't mind that his lunches look different WAY MORE AWESOME than those of his little buddies.

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