Monday, July 16, 2007

A Big Kiss

So, I took Lucas and Ben to see the newest Harry Potter movie the day it opened at our favorite theater. It was a little scary but both boys seemed to love it and so did I. There were some pretty amazing special effects and a chaste, but somewhat long, kissing scene between Harry and his crush, Cho...none of which I gave a second thought. Until today, when I told my son to come over and give his Mama a kiss. To which he replied, "A kiss, or a big kiss?" Well, of course I opted for the big kiss...and did I ever get one. All head-turny and lip-smoochy! What the heck! I asked him where he learned to kiss so fancy and he blushed and said "Amma"....but apparently she got the same sort of kiss last night and he said he learned it from me! I have a sneaking suspicion he learned it from Harry are just like a sponge at this age...nothing gets past them...maybe that's why he was kissing on the playground equipment at the waterfront...practice!


AuntMary said...

I hope he saves at least HALF a one (kiss) for his GreatAunt!

Tisha said...

Keep up the good work.