Saturday, July 14, 2007

We Are a Lazy Bunch

Lucas and I are lazy. We did a whole lotta nuthin this week except for some shopping and some play dates. It was lovely...until I pinched a nerve in my neck last night putting Lucas in his car seat. I do that every couple of months, it is literally a pain in the neck! I can't move or look to the left at all. But who needs to look left anyhow? All the cool kids are looking right.

I took Lucas down to the Waterfront on Thursday. A beautiful night to be down there. A band was playing at one of the restaurants, and we brought our new kites and had a blast. Some guy asked us if we wanted to be in a car commercial hugging a big Chevy truck...but luckily Lucas said "no, please." Thanks heavens! The last thing I need to be doing is hugging a truck covered in sweat with my hair a wreck. I second please!

Against my better judgement, we started a new Thomas the Train collection. I caved in and bought him a set of the big, plastic, battery operated version of the wooden trains he loves so much. They were cheap at Big Lots...and I'm glad I did...because he played with them ALL DAY today while I was conked on the couch thanks to this pinched nerve nonsense. Which needs to go away soon, thankyouverymuch...we have company coming!

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AuntMary said...

Company coming? You must have heard the great news!!! I know I have to exert common sense forever....but getting the ok to travel to Vermont was just the BEST medicine ever! The waterfront story is a delight and the photos steal my heart! I just bought a whole 5-roll pack of film and can hardly wait to use it. Four more sleeps....!