Saturday, July 28, 2007

We Made It Back Alive...

and also very hot and very sweaty! We had a great time, and Lucas got to experience camping, the way real campers do it. We swam, and did crafts, and cooked over an open flame, and I buried my nose in Harry Potter and not only read the whole thing, but got to re-read the last chapter and epilogue because I was just so sad to see the whole thing coming to an end. But we promised pictures...and here they are.
It really was this pretty...except for the mosquitoes...which, I'm not gonna lie, drove me nuts...but it's all part of the experience, isn't it? I'm sure my fellow campers are happy they no longer have to hear me harping about the mosquitoes. *wink*
A view of the sunset from the campsite...breathtaking!
Splashing with his buddy on the private beach at the campsite while the sun sets!

This last photo was actually taken in the dark, but with the night vision mode on the camera, it looks like it's the middle of the day! Lucas fell fast asleep in his camp chair, clutching his drink and his baby, of course.


AuntMary said...

That photo of the two of you before the campfire is terrific! (a night photo-amazing!) I can almost smell the fire and hear the crackling...a lovely way to close a day! Thanks for letting us share your camping trip.

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

Your sunset picture is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you made it!

pmd said...

We will bring stronger defenses against those rotten mosquitos next time! They were terrible when you were there! Sam is still rubbing his back up against everything to find relief from itching. We loved having you join us! Hopefully next year will be your second annual? I'd love to make those fancy cocktails for you again! xoxo

Anonymous said...

anna, great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Miss Banana,

Amazing pictures