Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia WHATEVER!

My screaming banshee dear son got a Chia herb garden for Christmas. I pulled the box out today and asked Lucas if he wanted to put it together with me. He stayed on task long enough to claim the styrofoam packaging and took off to turn it into a spaceship for his Star Wars figures. I went ahead and started putting it together. (Total side note, what is Marjoram used for? I have absolutely no idea.) When he came back into the kitchen and saw that I was half done our little project he went ballistic. The next twenty VERY LOUD MINUTES were spent trying to explain my sobbing four year old that he totally SAW ME GET IT OUT AND OPEN THE BOX, but he continued to flip out because I STARTED WITHOUT HIM!

It's clearly much more difficult being four than I's downright HARD.


Anonymous said...

Oh MAN! Cant wait for this!

pmd said...

Marjoram, yeah. I must have made something that called for it because I have some in my spice cupboard. Google it! I'm sure Lucas would love to whip up a new dish from his very own herb pet.