Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something of 365

All right...so I already fell behind on the "picture a day for 365" thing...bummer. But here's how we spent our morning:
That long straight lego creation is a "boat" according to Lucas, and we spent the morning racing two of them back and forth. The first one to the edge of the carpet was the winner, but they were so long they basically stretched from one end of the carpet to the other, meaning we'd drag them forward an inch and announce Lucas the winner. Good times.


pmd said...

That's so funny! Sam and Dave are playing with Legos right now!

Anonymous said...

Aa new generation of a lego champ in the family! Hooray! Wish I could have been Boat 3 with you.

singleworkingmommy said...

LOLOLOL! This made me laugh so hard. My son builds the same exact big long objects, but they are always "trains." In fact, everything he ever builds are trains.

AWESOME first picture though. Love.it.

Anna said...

Aunt Mary: You'll have your chance to be boat three very soon, I'm sure...heck...you can be boat 2 and I'll kick back on the sofa! :)

SWM: Everything up until now has been ALL TRAINS ALL THE TIME! It's nice to pretend something different for a change! :)