Monday, January 12, 2009

Twenty Questions A Hundred Questions A MILLION QUESTIONS

I don't know if it's just the age (4) or the fact that I'm running on very little sleep (read: none) but it seems like my son is an endless fountain of questions lately...just bubbling, bubbling, bubbling over; one question follows another so quickly that several have been asked before I can answer one.

[In real time:]
Are you happy I can play Lightening McQueen?
Do you love my new paint job?
Isn't it nice of the guy to spray me like this?
Do you wanna watch me?
Will you make me lunch?
Why did you make me that?
Wanna dance with me?
Did you know I could break dance?
Can you send me to dance class?
Will they let me do any dance I want?
Do you love that new paint color?
Are you happy that I'm the newest color ever?
Can we go to Grandma's house now?
Do you think that Grandma will like this paint color?
Do you think that I should stay this color every day?
Isn't that funny?
Do you hope that I win this race?
Did you know that I love you the best?
What is good sportsmanship?
When are we going to Grandma's?
Can I have some vanilla ice cream?
Did you know that even when I get bigger I'll still be your baby forever?
Now can I have some vanilla ice cream?

Sheesh...if he had a pause button I'd sure like to push it for just one little minute.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's being FOUR, very bright, much loved, superb language skills, so secure...what more could you dream for?? While I know it's exhausting on a mom-of-little-sleep, I remember when that very mom did the very same thing! Age has its blessings!!

Anna said...

Aunt Mary: He is a bright boy! I think we've been slacking in the reading department though...that's my next Big Project...teaching the little duffer to read! :)

pmd said...

Oh, honey. Call me anytime you need a break from that line of questioning on a Monday morning.