Friday, May 8, 2009

A First for Everything

Lucas had a sitter tonight.

What? That's not front page news for you? Because it is for us. He's starting kindergarten in a few short months, and thanks to an indulgent/loving/local Grandma, I've never had to hire a sitter to go anywhere or do anything...including work. That makes us incredibly lucky and blessed, yes, but I have this fear of Lucas freaking out at kindergarten because he doesn't know how to be away from me or my mom. He doesn't really know how to be in the company of another adult by himself. He might not be nervous about this, but I was.

I did hire a sitter one night when I had company, but we had all the kids in bed when she got here and none of them woke up while we were out, so really...tonight was a first.

He had a blast.

I worry about everything for no reason.

The movie was good and so was dinner. This sitter thing would be sweeeeeet, if only I didn't have to pay her before she left. It turns out my mother has saved me approximately 11 billion dollars in babysitting fees over the past five years. Bless her heart.

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