Thursday, April 30, 2009

No One on the Planet Can Drag Out a Project Longer than Me.

I was surfing my favorite blogs a few months ago when I came across this, and I thought to myself, Man...I want those for my kid, too! (Alright, while searching for that link, I realized it was more like six months ago. I am a champion procrastinator.) I decided I could totally make those, and then I realized I didn't own a sewing machine. But maybe I could could sew them by hand? Turns out I can't hand sew a straight line. BUT! My aunt is a professional, and she agreed to make these for him for Christmas. Except I never sent her the material in time. So then they were going to be for Easter! Except I never sent her the material in time for that either. It was looking like perhaps he'd graduate high school before I took myself off the fabric store and picked out the flannel. I finally sent her my choice of fabrics and today the mail man dropped of a box filled with fun! It's his entire name, filled with dried corn kernels, and he LOVES them!
Thanks a million, Aunt Mary!



Anonymous said...

We make a great team - you choose the material, I do the sewing and Lucas gets to enjoy! They made the trip just fine and I eagerly await playing with them too, this summer. Next? numbers?

Anna said...

Thank you thank you thank you! They are perfect!!

Alisa said...

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Kind Regards,


Anonymous said...

Hey, wow!

Those look great!

Anna said...

serahrose: Thanks for the inspiration! :)