Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Responsible Mother Probably Would Have Called a Stop to it Instead of Running Inside for a Camera

My son has found his people. He, like most little boys, is in awe of the big boys. We have a fair number of them in our apartment complex and they let him run in their pack. There's one particular boy who's sort of the pack leader, and Lucas idolizes him. In return, BigKid lets Lucas be his shadow, his team mate, and he protects him from the rougher games. Yesterday the boys decided to play some insane version of leapfrog and basketball. BidKid was leaping over boys, even boys who were standing straight up. It blew my mind. And I ran inside for my camera instead of making them stop. Bad parent.
And I let him do it Lucas, after I'd seen him jump over much taller kids. It made Luke's day.
And he let Lucas "jump" over him, because he's a really sweet kid.

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Anonymous said...

I remember all the stuff - wild and crazy ideas - my brother would do with his posse. Some of them were funny. Some of them were stupid. Gotta love boys!

Enjoy it!