Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why He's Hoarse, of Course

We had a lovely but quickity-quick Easter Sunday, thanks to the fact that I cram 25 of my 40 work hours into every weekend, most of them in the night. It doesn't leave a lot of time for holiday activities in the middle of day. Or maybe it just doesn't leave a lot time for me to sleep. Whatever.

Lucas had a lovely day dueling his Uncle Ben with their new light sabers. Like he really needed another one...one that makes action sounds and light displays and hurts like the dickens when it comes in contact with a finger or two. Lately all his days are spent reenacting looong battle scenes he's seen in the movies, and others he's made up on the go. By the time my son's head hits the pillow at night, he's talked himself hoarse...and that's no joke. I call to say goodnight from work and his little raspy voice answers and tells me, "Mommy? I love you a thousand. Here's Grandma." And I have to laugh...because even though he can't be bothered to linger on the phone with me for more than a second, it's because he can't shut off the Star Wars movie that's constantly running in his mind. I can hear him pick right up where he left off in the background, narrating as he goes and begging for his Grandma's attention.

I get these babycenter.com updates every week that offer up ideas of where your child might/should be developmentally for their age. I started getting them when I was pregnant. I lived for those updates and the pictures of how big your baby probably was on that day. I haven't ever figured out how to stop those updates...I'll probably still be receiving them when he's 18; This week's update: Your child is off to college! Today's email told me that in order for my son to become a good listener, I have to model that behavior for him. He needs my undivided attention when telling me something, so that he'll in turn model that behavior towards others. While I agree with that wholeheartedly, there's is no way on earth that I could stare into his eyes and listen intently to his words when they simply never stop. I can't figure out how to redirect him to a silent different activity. He is a man on mission and can not be deterred. I'm thinking kindergarten is going to be tough at first. I'd like to wish his teacher good luck.

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