Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Little Things

We're sitting side by side on floor watching So You Think You Can Dance. He's got a giant bowl of popcorn on his lap and I'm shoveling in cold couscous from dinner. A pretty ballerina glides across the stage on screen, and he sucks in his breath and whispers, "She's beautiful, Mama...I'm gonna marry her! Do you think she would want to marry me?"


He leaves the room without a word and returns a few minutes later. "See?!" he exclaims, "I told you I'd be back in a jiffy!"


"I'm gonna need a blue van," he says, completely out of nowhere. "To take my drivers test on", he explains to my confused face. "And when I drive my girlfriend around town we can meet you somewheres and play together."

He's kind of awesome, and I know every mama thinks that about their own, and each and every one of them is exactly right. But I couldn't imagine a better match of a kid for this mama.


Ms. Single Mama said...

What - a - sweet - sweet - boy. Sigh.

SO happy that you two are so happy.

Adorable picture and such a sweet story.

Melissa said...

Great picture! You two look so comfortable together...just the way it should be!

YourInsomniaCure said...

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pmd said...

Insomnia Cure? Oh those fake comments drive me nuts!

Anna said...

pmd: Ha! I hadn't even noticed...but I do have trouble falling asleep!! ;)

Anna said...

MSM: Thanks! He is a lovebug!

Melissa: He is my #1 sidekick and best buddy! :)