Saturday, October 11, 2008


My new "local" Target didn't let me down. By "local" I mean the next state over, which is still 100 miles closer than my previous "local" Target, although it is plus one ferry ride. It technically doesn't open until tomorrow, but like a chain-store junkie I gave them a call to see if they were opening earlier, and wouldn't you know it?! They were. So I loaded the family up for a road trip. And what a trip it was, easily a one hour car ride split up nicely in 20 minutes chunks: 20 minutes to the ferry, 20 minutes over, 20 minutes on the other side. Also split up nicely by the DHL delivery truck that went up in flames at the ferry dock, easily chopping 10 years off my life, but also giving me something engaging to talk to my (miserable) 15 year old brother it's almost an even trade.

I got this lovely little beauty, which is now nestled in happy harmony next to my cherry red Kitchen Aid, along with some really cool graphic snow pants for the kid. We totally raided the $1 dollar section and the Halloween stuff. In the end, we ended up fitting 4 people, 3 microwaves and various (multiple) other bags in a Honda Civic and drove home. Not a bad trip (minus the terrifying near-death truck fire)!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Target people were glad to see you! That truck fire would end the trip for me-you know how I LOVE the ferry ride. That would have been the fastest U-turn in history! I really must visit the very local Target here, especially the dollar section!

Anna said...

The truck thing was FRIGHTENING! But everything turned out fine and the trip to NY was lovely! ;-)

pmd said...

Whoa. It's official, Fed Ex for me every time. Love the holiday template!