Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Update:

I've made an appointment for a trim and highlights. Very exciting stuff, I know. I'm not willing to give up the old ponytail just yet, but maybe some warm, carmel-y highlights will do the trick. I used to get a cut and color every six know, back in my previous life when my paycheck was my own. Awww...those were the days.

I cleaned off the kitchen table and chairs this week. They've been piled high with junk for some time now, but after cleaning it all up, I served Lucas his lunch at the table instead of the coffee table (where we usually eat). His reaction when I told him lunch was ready was to sail right past the table with his food and plop down at the bare coffee table. I laughed and called him back to the kitchen. "We're eating here?! How fancy!" That is how good my parenting skills are...eating at the table requires an exclamation of surprise on my kid's part.


Anonymous said...

You even made ME laugh as I pictured Lucas rushing to the 'old' eating spot! I am so glad you are keeping a blog; life with Lucas is way too full to keep a paper journal. Thanks from one who appreciates it more than you could ever know!

Anna said...

Yup...he was down right shocked. Can't blam him...we only eat at the table when company comes! ;-)