Monday, June 18, 2007


Can I just take a moment to complain about the latest toy recall? How on earth does a toy company manage to market and sell 1.5 million wooden Thomas trains covered in lead paint? Would it surprise you to know that we own every single train and accessory (some in multiple) on that list except the Smelting Yard? Can you imagine what it will cost to ship it all back for replacement pieces? Grrrr....

Anyway, we have a big week coming days off are already loaded with commitments...some fun, some not so fun...I think by Saturday I should be exhausted, just in time for my work week to start again. The weather looks like it will be sunny throughout the week, though, and my plan to keep us busy and outside this summer has been working beautifully. If all goes well, we'll be taking a train ride soon, a trip to Shelburne Farms to feed the animals and milk the cows, a camping trip on Burton Island with some lovely friends of ours, a first trip to the dentist for Lucas...the list goes on and on. All of it a definite improvement over last years' stay-in-the-house-and-sleep-on-the-couch-all-day!

Keep your fingers crossed about Luke going to the dentist. Never in my life have I made a trip to the dentist sound like so much fun as I have over the past couple of weeks prepping him for the appointment and praying he doesn't flip out when a strange man tries to put his fingers in his mouth!

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AuntMary said...

I went to our local Thomas train store this morning and the lady said she had LOTS of calls about the paint. She also said that none of the models in that store were lead...something about the number on the box, but once out of the box, who would know? Don't be too hasty about sending everything somewhere; if it is serious the stores will alert buyers about the recall and how to do it. I doubt that Luke puts the pieces in his mouth now that he is a big three! Just wash those hands a lot!!
Enjoy those days off. I'll be going to the dentist next week so we can think of each other!