Monday, June 4, 2007

Rotten Kids

Some kids are so rotten...not any of yours, of course...I'm talking about those brats at the playground who are the same age (and older) as my son but seem like such little jerks. The ones that tell your kid (who is just so excited to see all those children running around) "Don't play with me" in that bratty little voice. Or the ones that try and sneak in a push or shove when they think their mother isn't looking. But I'm looking, you bratty little kids...and I don't mind telling your parents that you're rotten...

Having said that...we did find the best park recently, and we've been going several times a week. They have the best picnic area, and tons of toddler friendly climbing structures, and somewhat clean public restrooms...I think Lucas and I will be spending a good chunk of summer there. We usually go with a buddy of his and they play together beautifully. Lucas loves to be chased and his buddy loves to chase him, they are a match made in heaven.

Also, I got to see my own buddy ROCK OUT at the Moms That Rock benefit concert last night. Awesome job Pam, I never could have done that, myself, I simply don't have it in me!


AuntMary said...

One of life's hardest lessons is what to do with difficult people. I've finally concluded that if they can't be changed, then I can change and move myself away from them. I'd always want to try to find a common meeting ground, but it takes two...and if they don't care to cooperate, then I'll spend my energies elsewhere! Sounds like you made a good decision to spend time at a 'toddler-friendly' park!

Anonymous said...

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