Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Wish I Had a Picture

of Lucas driving the ferry boat on Friday. We went up to the Grand Isle Fish Hatchery to see and feed the fishes, then a picnic lunch outside on the grounds, then a ferry ride to Plattsburgh and back which we loved! Lucas wanted to ride back to the Plattsburgh side when our round trip was complete...but I told him two trips to New York in one day was one trip too many! We got ice creams on the Vermont side when our ride was done...Lucas ate his so fast it didn't have time to melt, even in the 85 degree weather, mine however fell off the cone on the way to the car...but since no one was looking I just put it right back on the cone and picked off the grass! It was maple just don't give up so easily on maple walnut, you know?


AuntMary said...

I'm trying to grasp taking a ferry boat ride for FUN!!!!! So glad you two enjoyed it-ice cream and all. I'll think of it when I come to Vt. next time and that should make the trip better!
Beautiful day here and the doe had her fawn out running in the back yard this morning. Running? LEAPING is a better description!

pmd said...

I'm so glad you tried that outing, isn't it great? Cheap too when you walk on especially when Lucas is free.