Saturday, June 23, 2007

Curse The Dead Battery!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I took Lucas for his first dentist appointment on Friday. Really just a meet and great with the dentist-get a free toothbrush-pick a toy from the prize box sort of appointment. We arrived the appropriate 10 minutes prior to the appointment to fill out necessary paperwork. They waited an inappropriate 35 minutes to bring us back. Ahem. I did mention that he was three and it was his first appointment and he was nervous? Not a great start, but still, we were doing OK. I had prepped him for days before about what would happen at the dentist, he is not a child who enjoys surprises of this nature. We play acted me being the dentist, and him being the patient. So, when the dental hygienist called his name and brought us back, he looked a little scared, but he followed her anyway. The tears and the runny nose and the wailing "only my Mommy can brush my teeth" didn't start until the dentist came in. But, as much as he didn't want to be there, he never moved from the chair and he kept his mouth open wide, I tried really hard not to laugh...cause it was funny! I wanted to take a picture of this day, to document his first steps into a future of good oral hygiene...and my camera battery died on me! Right there! I was so mad...I considered asking them to let me get a new battery and bring him back and take his picture. But then I snapped back to reality (what was I thinking!?) and helped him to the door. Because of the big scene he made, the hygienist gave him a real Matchbox car instead of making him pick a prize from the junk box, I mean the prize box.

He left that office clutching his new car, and on the way to mine, he looked up at me with a big smile and a runny nose and said "Well, that was fun!" What?!?


pmd said...

Oh, I can picture his little clenched fists and how his whole body shakes when he's scared or angry. Cursed, cursed dead battery!! Thankfully we have your lovely journal entry to remember the day with. Good job on your entries, the more you write them, the better they get. Nice job!

AuntMary said...

I think I went every step of the way with the two of you. Dentists' offices are NOT my favorite places-not ever. It seems like you did an outstanding job getting ready for Lucas' first visit. May I use the narrative when I teach that part of Child Health and Safety to future caregivers and teachers in my college class this fall? You know I already mention Lucas, but this would be close to word-for-word of your story. Thanks!
Yesterday was a good day at the Farmers' Market. Brought home $109 cash and had only $8 in expenses this week. (I buy in quantity and only deduct it from receipts once.) I will take next Saturday off because I have extra duties at college Monday and Tuesday and then my own dental appointment on Wednesday afternoon.