Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"I'm 'Wimming!"

It turns out my son is a fish...in a my whole life was meant to be spent in the water kind of way. We went to my friend's house today to swim in her pool. Last year my son wouldn't go near the end of the deck leading up to the crystal clear water. Today he raced head first in and learned "wim". I kept coaching him that the word was s-w-i-m-m-i-n-g....and he repeated right back, "ssssssssss-wimming!" By the end he kept telling me to "LET GO!" I just couldn't knowing, of course, that he would sink like a stone. But that bravery! That excitement to be in the water! That's my boy!


AuntMary said...

Your little fisherman IS a fish??? So glad he enjoys the water and that his mom is right there watching, coaching, and keeping him safe.

pmd said...

Lucas is such a good boy!

Rodrigo said...

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