Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween Countdown

Today my son would like to be this for Halloween...

That brings the costume count to 5 so far:





Black Venom Spiderman

Each new request finds me furiously scouring Ebay for a deal, let's just be thankful I keep getting outbid in the final seconds by other mothers who have fallen into the same trap.

I will chalk this year up to a rookie mistake, and next year, I will not mention Halloween until the night before Halloween. Consider me schooled.


that girl said...

Oh, halloween costumes are so freak'n expensive!

Anonymous said...

I shared two Lucas stories in class today-fit right in with emergent literacy. Thanks a bunch!

Anna said...

Hi Aunt Mary! Glad we could help! ;-)



that girl: Yeah...no joke! It gets even MORE expensive when you end up buying more than one! ;-)

Kellan said...

HA - yes, big mistake - HA!

Hope you are having a good weekend, Anna - see you - Kellan