Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yesterday's Post in Pictures

Oh, what a beautiful day to snap a photo or fifty.

Too bad the bottom branches of this tree were almost five feet from the ground. I could barely get near those beauties.
Oh look! Something purple! How pretty!

There's my little helper, now. That apple in his hand will be the only one he picks that day.
Still munching...

Looking down because I asked him to look up...and smile. You'll notice he's not so good at following my high-pitched commands.

He's lucky he's cute.

The ill-fated bag of apples that will soon meet their maker on my car's unforgiving floor mat. They did taste mighty delicious in that apple crisp, though.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are worth all those words!! Your little helper reminds me of his momma (oops)-cute as a button and determined ! Wish I had been close enough for apple crisp. You do make it mighty delightful!

pmd said...

Some of these pictures remind me of your Nun's photos. When am I going to meet her? I'd love to tell her how much we love the bear, basket and quilt that have made their way into our home.