Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take THAT, Wikipedia...

Lucas wanted my mom to "colorate" his chalk train drawing today. I'm guessing the word is a mish-mash of color and decorate, but we're going to try to start using it in a sentence...kind of like the phrase Super Gum DOER! we picked up a while ago.

In other news, (and MAN I WISH I GOT A PICTURE!) Lucas and I spend most of our Fridays at our friend Wendy's house. She has two kids about Luke's age and the three of them get along really well. Hanging out with them is the perfect way to pass a morning/afternoon. Yesterday, after the rained stopped, the boys were playing outside and we (okay...mostly Wendy...I was quite comfy on the couch) kept peering out the windows to make sure they were fine in the yard. At one point she peered out and starting laughing. There they were: Two little boys with their pants down "watering" the tree, buns to the wind. Now, her little boy is very thin and when he pulled his pants back up they shot almost to his armpits. Lucas on the other hand was trapped with his pants and unders stuck around his knees. He is built like a little root beer barrel, and the combination of his belly and the wetness of his play clothes trapped his pants halfway up. Up the driveway he came, waddling like a penguin and hollering for help. I'm wondering when he's finally going to master the Pulling Up of Your Own Pants. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens before he starts kindergarten, because I can absolutely see him bellowing from the school bathroom for HELP WITH HIS UNDERS!, and that will ruin his rep with the cool kids.


Anonymous said...

lol what a picture that would have been!

singleworkingmommy said...

I figured out what Super Gum Doer! means! Or what he was trying to say.

Super Duper COMPUTER! (From Super Readers)